AQUA CATCH 1.0: Land + Floating Tent

AQUA CATCH 1.0: Land + Floating Tent
AQUA CATCH 1.0: Land + Floating Tent
AQUA CATCH 1.0: Land + Floating Tent
AQUA CATCH 1.0: Land + Floating Tent
AQUA CATCH 1.0: Land + Floating Tent
AQUA CATCH 1.0: Land + Floating Tent
AQUA CATCH 1.0: Land + Floating Tent

AQUA CATCH 1.0: Land + Floating Tent

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Pre-Launch Safety Check

Inflatable boat safety starts before you get onto the water. After inflating your boat, check it thoroughly for any tears or holes. Listen for any hissing noises as well, to hear air escaping from the tubes or the valve.

Life Jackets Save Lives

Here is a shocking statistic: The majority of water related fatalities are a result of drowning, and 90% of the victims did not wear a life jacket. Kids should always wear a life jacket, period. With adults, it depends on the type of activity and swimming skills.

Hot/Cold Changes Air Pressure

The air inside the inflatable tube will shrink and expand, depending on the temperature. Hot weather causes the air to expand (especially direct sunlight), which can increase the pressure in your tube and cause over-inflation.

You might need to compensate by letting some air out. Such over-inflation is unlikely to cause your tube to rupture, but in some situations, it could be dangerous.

For example, an over-inflated tent might puncture when hitting a sharp rock. Cold temperatures lead to lower air pressure in your inflatable. It won’t sink but will become less efficient and cause extra drag in the water.

Items to Bring On Board

If you’re just paddling around on the lake close to shore, you won’t need much. But if you’re planning a longer trip, here is a nicely organized list of items you should have onboard:

  • Repair Kit: Modern, quality inflatable boats are made of very durable material.
  • A Puncture Repair Kit.
  • Hand Pump: Not having a hand pump onboard can quickly become a safety hazard, especially if you’re far from your base.

Age Restrictions

Our floating tents are not recommended for children under the age of 14. Users under 14 years old should not use the floating tent without direct and continuous adult supervision and monitoring. 

Although those over 14 year old and people with physical, sensory or mental dysfunction, or people without relevant experience can use this product, they need to use it in a safe way under supervision and direction. They should know the health risks and drowning risks and can’t use this product without constant supervision.

Swimming Ability

The floating tent is not designed or intended to be used as a floatation device. It should not be relied upon as a life-saving or safety device in any water-related activities. The device is purely for recreational use only, and should only be used for its intended purpose.

Users must possess adequate swimming skills before using the floating tent.

Non-swimmers or individuals with limited swimming abilities should avoid using the floating tent.

Learn About Local Legal Requirements

It’s always a good idea to look up the local laws on inflatable tents and electric engines, especially if you’re in a new area. There may be age limits, educational requirements, or even separate licenses needed.

Open Water Use and Sleeping Recommendations

The floating tents are not recommended for use in open water. For safety reasons, it is advised to use the floating tent in controlled environments such as pools. Additionally, it is strongly recommended not to sleep inside the floating tent while on water.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

I’ve seen some nasty sunburns on people who didn’t take the sun seriously on a day of boating. Depending on what type of boating you will be doing, apply a high-SPF sunscreen or wear protective clothing (for longer trips). The Sun’s rays are 2x more potent, as they are reflected off the water.

Maximum Passenger Count

Do not carry more people (or weight) in your boat than specified by the manufacturer. The max weight is an important safety consideration, don’t forget about it.

Weather Conditions

Do not use the floating tent in adverse weather conditions, including but not limited to strong winds, storms, or lightning.

Users are responsible for assessing weather conditions before using the floating tent.

Never Drink Alcohol

Np persons using the tents should be under the influence of alcohol while boating. First of all, it’s probably illegal, you need to check. Secondly, the sun and dehydration increase the effect of alcohol, which alters decision-making skills.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Just like behind the steering wheel of a car, you want to be aware of your tents surroundings and keep a safe distance from other boats and objects. It’s also best to avoid areas where swimmers could be in the way.


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A floating fishing tent combines the convenience of a traditional tent with the added feature of floating on water, providing anglers with a unique and immersive fishing experience. These tents are designed to be set up on the surface of a body of water, such as a lake or pond, allowing fishermen to access prime fishing spots that may be difficult to reach from the shore.

Key features of a floating fishing tent may include:

  1. Buoyant Base: The tent is equipped with a buoyant platform or inflatable pontoons that keep it afloat on the water. This ensures stability and allows anglers to fish comfortably from the tent.

  2. Waterproof Materials: The tent is typically made from waterproof and durable materials to protect occupants from water splashes and potential rain. Sealed seams and high-quality zippers help maintain a dry and comfortable interior.

  3. Fishing Access Points: Many floating fishing tents come with strategic access points for fishing, such as openings or windows that allow anglers to cast their lines directly from the tent without obstruction.

  4. Storage Pockets: To accommodate fishing gear and personal belongings, these tents often feature built-in storage pockets and organizers to keep items organized and within reach.

  5. Ventilation: Adequate ventilation is crucial to prevent condensation and maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Some tents may include mesh windows or vents to facilitate airflow.

  6. Portability: While designed to float, these tents are often lightweight and portable for easy transportation. Some models may be inflatable or collapsible for convenient storage and transport.

  7. Stability Features: Stability is a key consideration, and floating fishing tents may have features such as anchor points or stabilising mechanisms to prevent excessive movement in the water.

  8. Camouflage Design: To blend in with the natural surroundings and avoid scaring away fish, these tents may have camouflage patterns or earthy colours.

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Size: 260cm x 260cm

Weight Inflated: 40cm

  1. AQUA CATCH 1.0 Floating Tent.
  2. Aluminium Oars x 2.
  3. Puncture Repair Kit.
  4. Carry Bag.
  5. Fishing Rod Bracket x 3.
  6. Double Action Air Pump.
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