FAQ: Floating Tents 🏞️

Choose to buy our anchor which is suitable for the FLOATSYABOAT tents and designed to secure in the sand.

It is also highly recommended that when you locate your perfect spot you should find a secure fixture to tie the tent to.

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure their tent is secure before going to sleep and relaxing.

Hell yes, this is what makes the product so unique and cool! our FloatYaBoat tents have been safely designed to be able to float on water and hold up to 500kg in weight. They can be used either on water or on the land. 

Inflatable tents might be filled with air, but they’re just as sturdy and reliable as standard tents. They can withstand strong winds and come with the usual guy ropes and pegs to keep them safely secured to the ground.

Of course! What a dreamy way to fall asleep looking at the stars, and hearing the sound of the waves!

Just make sure to only sleep in the tent on land, and not on the water, so that you definitely wake up in the same place in the morning. 🌅

Punctures are incredibly rare in air tents. You just need to be mindful of any particular sharp objects when you’re pitching the tent. Ensure you’re on a level surface, clearing away rocks and any other objects.

Yes, all you need is a pump!

It’s uncommon for a any of our tents to leak, unless it’s damaged.

Condensation is often mistaken for a leaky tent, but this is simply water that forms on your tent surface due to the moisture that humans expel when they breathe in and out.

Just keep in mind that our Floating tents are heavier than pole tents, this is due to the quality of the material used and for it to be able to float, making them much more durable!

Pole tents are boring anyway!

Dry off the tent and clean it before you store the tent in a dry, well ventilated space.

Ventilate the tent, especially when you are not using it. That way, you drive out moisture, preventing mould from affecting the canvas.

Do not hang your tent to dry, as mould could form in the folds.

The main advantage of inflatable tents is that they can be pitched and taken down much more quickly than tents with poles.

This is not only because the poles are inflatable, but also because they’re integrated into the body of the tent itself.